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Szemészet 2011 ;148(1):3-9
Purpose: The aim of this study was to exam the reliability of the measuring method of the lower tear meniscus height (LTMH) with T...
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Szemészet 2011 ;148(1):11-16
Purpose: To describe age-related changes of the macula in vivo and to determine the reproducibility of retinal layer thickness mea...
Tsorbatzoglou, A.; Czeglédi, M.; Úr, L.
Szemészet 2011 ;148(1):17-22
Purpose: Beside the good far vision, the perfect uncorrected near and intermediate visual acuities also can be ensured to our pati...
Hernádi, K.; Holló, P.; Somfai, G. M.
Szemészet 2011 ;148(1):23-27
Aims: To present a case of orbital apex syndrome accompanying ophthalmic herpes zoster and to provide an overview of related liter...
Fejes, I.; Szabó, A.; Janáky, M.
Szemészet 2011 ;148(1):30-34
Aim: Our aim was to detect long-term effect of silicone oil implanted during vitrectomy on the function of the retina and the opti...
Úr, L.; Németh, G.; Tsorbatzoglou, A.
Szemészet 2011 ;148(1):35-38
Purpose: Intraocular pressures measured by IOPen tonometer, by Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT) and by non-contact tonometer (...